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What do Himalayan Yogis think about hate politics in the world & India? How to view it spiritually?

What did Ramana Maharshi mean by path of surrender? Can I still grow in daily life with acceptance?

Rudra's Roar: Essence of Advait Vedanta - Powerful Self affirmations to unleash the true potential

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  • How should I start meditating?
    For an introduction to meditation, watch the below “What is meditation and how to make it easy?” video. We recommend starting with any of Maha Rudra Kriya, Effortlessness and Deep Sleep & Cleansing of Mind. These three meditations are all available for free. Check out the suggested programme of meditations for more recommendations.
  • I’ve been practicing the online meditations for some time and want to learn more. What can I do next?
    If you have followed the full suggested programme of meditations then you can listen to the advanced audio guides, attend an in person camp or retreat, or complete any of the online workshops provided by our partner organisation Mighty Himalayas. You can also find all our latest content including teachings, answers to questions and interviews in the Videos & Articles page.
  • I’ve applied for the free meditation camp but did not receive an invitation. Is it possible to get feedback on my application? What can I do next?
    We receive a high number of applications for the free camp and are unable to provide individual feedback. If you have not received an invitation within 10 days of applying, please continue practising the guided meditations available online for another 48 days, and then apply again after the 48 days is over. If you are able to afford to pay for food and accommodation then you may also wish to consider attending a retreat. Retreats are based on the same content as the free camps but with a range of accommodation options available.
  • Can women practise the online meditations during menstruation?
    Yes, all online meditations can be practised during menstruation.
  • Is there any diksha/initiation required to practise these meditations?
    No special diksha or initiation is required. Instructions are already given in the audios.
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