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Our Community &
Partner Organisations

Aham Shoonyam Foundation

Aham Shoonyam Foundation is a registered not-for-profit trust dedicated to raising the receptivity of human minds to pure consciousness.

Paroksh Yogis

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Paroksh yogis are awakened beings living in the Himalayan belt who prefer to remain anonymous. They have profound wisdom and a unique way of expressing their experience with truth. Paroksh means anonymous, or that which is not apparent, and a yogi is someone who has become one with the source or cosmic consciousness. So Paroksh yogis are unknown or anonymous yogis who have dissolved their identification and are just living as life.


Aham Shoonyam Foundation collects the wisdom of this community of Paroksh yogis and expresses and shares the teachings through meditations, discourses, programmes and events.

Mighty Himalayas

Mighty Himalayas is the delivery partner organisation for Aham Shoonyam Foundation. It is a social enterprise dedicated to delivering the mission of the Aham Shoonyam Foundation through the provision of educational materials, programmes and events. The content for all Mighty Himalayas programmes is based on the teachings of the founding members of the Aham Shoonyam Foundation and the Paroksh Yogis community.

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