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Meditation Retreats

Experience a glimpse of your true nature at one of our meditation retreats. Retreats take place near Nainital in the Himalayan belt in Northern India, where high energy supports the introspection journey and access to higher realms of consciousness.

Beach Meditation

Learn real techniques passed down through generations of yogis that will help to bring clarity and focus in your life and to create a strong foundation for spiritual growth through the self enquiry technique. 


Discover how peacefulness and joyfulness are our natural states of being, and how these happen naturally when we remove what is cluttering the mind. 


Learn how to handle your mind effectively so that outer situations cannot disturb your peace of mind.

Paid meditation retreats offer similar content to the free meditation camps but with comfortable facilities and available to all with no selection procedure. They are offered in a more flexible and relaxed manner, and participants may choose whether they wish to observe strict silence, digital disconnection and intermittent fasting. These practices are recommended for greatest benefit but are not mandatory during retreats.


Retreats are provided by our delivery partner, Mighty Himalayas, and are based on content provided by Aham Shoonyam Foundation and taught by teachers trained by Aham Shoonyam Foundation. 


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