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About Us

Our Vision

To create a happier society which is more in sync with life and nature.


By raising the receptivity of human minds to pure consciousness, more people will understand that the mind is the root cause of unhappiness and most major global problems. This wave of individual level transformations will have a ripple effect and start reflecting in the creation of a happier society.

Our Mission

To raise the receptivity of all human beings - and especially children - to the pure consciousness, creating a wide sense of perception within each person which will let them live a life full of acceptance of each moment without creating a friction with the current reality.


How to create a happy world

Balancing Rocks

The root of all individual unhappiness and most major global challenges is a lack of awareness of and connection to pure consciousness. Most people are identified with and completely driven by the mind and its limited perspectives. By raising receptivity to pure consciousness we can break the bonds of individual unhappiness and create a society which is able to effectively address existing global issues and avoid creating new issues.

The root of all problems

Most people are dissatisfied because they do not accept the reality as it is and this creates a conflict between the reality and their expectations. Mild dissatisfaction may later on turn into unhappiness, stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, hatred or other destructive mental states. We cannot expect a healthy society when the majority of people are dissatisfied with their lives.


Most of the major problems which humans are facing today are caused or exacerbated in some way by humans. Climate change, income and wealth inequality, restricted freedom rights, war and conflict, terrorism, insecurity of water and food, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, growing population and even the emergence and impact of pandemics are all caused by human actions, directly or indirectly.


At the root of all of these major threats and challenges is a lack of understanding of the connectedness of all people and nature. Most people feel separate from other people and from nature. We are identified with the psychological “I” which we see as separate from “you” or “them” or animals or other life forms. As a result of this feeling of separateness, we are preoccupied with our own perceived problems. We don’t have full empathy with other people or with nature, we might even identify with a particular group at the exclusion of others, and we act in ways which cause harm to others or to the world around us. This sense of separateness and incomplete perception does not allow us to see reality clearly, and our actions are influenced by this distorted view.


We could try to tackle each major challenge separately. To understand this with an analogy, if there is a tree of world problems, then this approach is like plucking one leaf or one branch at a time. Though there are seemingly huge efforts already being made in addressing these challenges, they are unable to get to the root of these issues. Most efforts are addressing the surface level or symptoms of the issue.


Unless the level of consciousness is elevated and our perceptions as humans change, the problems cannot be fully understood and the right solutions found and executed. And unless the level of consciousness is elevated, new problems will keep resurfacing in new forms. So it is better that we hit at the root of all issues. 


We should keep on addressing global issues at an individual level, as many people and organisations are already doing, but we should also address the root cause of all issues. This is like trying to uproot the tree of world problems while simultaneously pruning the diseased branches.


Our mission is to hit at the root by raising the receptivity of all humans to a higher consciousness. With the clear perception and all-inclusiveness of this consciousness, humans will act in ways which reduce and remove suffering rather than creating new suffering or exacerbating existing problems. People who are happy in themselves, regardless of their situation, and who feel connected with all of life, will not suffer from the challenging situations arising out of past actions. They will be able to address those situations with wisdom and compassion. If we hit at the root then all the leaves will also be reached in time.

Aham Shoonyam

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