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Funding information & donations

Aham Shoonyam Foundation is a registered non-profit trust in India (Registration number: INUK99727048019307S). 


We offer free camps for genuine spiritual seekers who cannot afford food and accommodation, free guided meditations and free spiritual guidance through our videos and audios. We are also constructing a sacred site for spiritual seekers who want to spend longer in deep meditative states in a high energy place.


All these activities are funded by donations. If you would like to support our mission to raise the receptivity of human beings to the pure consciousness, and help us to reach more people who are looking for happiness in their lives or for spiritual upliftment, then you can donate to the Foundation below.

All donations will go to the Aham Shoonyam Foundation, and will be used to further our mission to raise the receptivity of humans to the pure consciousness. 


Aham Shoonyam Foundation partners with Mighty Himalayas to provide paid retreats for a wider audience and those seeking better facilities and a wider range of programmes. Mighty Himalayas is a separate organisation and all finances are separate. Any donations will only be used to fund freely offered teaching of Aham Shoonyam Foundation.


Name: Aham Shoonyam Foundation Trust

A/c no : 50535435578
IFSC : IDIB000N523
Indian bank, Nainital
A/c type : Current account

UPI id : ahamshoonyam@indianbk

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