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Free Camps

For Sincere
Spiritual Seekers

Free meditation camps in the Himalayan region are available for sincere spiritual seekers who cannot afford the cost of accommodation and food. As resources are limited, camps are offered based on a strict selection procedure, and with very basic facilities such as a common hall for accommodation with dormitory setup, floor bedding and shared washrooms.


The free camps are for genuine spiritual seekers who are considered ready for the practices that will be shared during the camp. Free camps involve strict silence and intense practices.


Steps to apply for Free Himalayan Meditation camp:


A. Complete our free online meditation program:

 'Online Meditation Program' (click here)  

B. Share your experiences in detail with us.

C. Send answers of our questionnaire.

D. If selected, you will get an invitation from us.

E. Or you can also apply for a zoom call session.

After completing all the online meditation programme and sharing your responses to the questionnaire, based on your progress and experiences, the yogi community may invite you to the Himalayan Silent Meditation Camp Uttarakhand in future.

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Apply for Free Camp

These free camps are for those who cannot afford accommodation and food, so if you are financially stable please opt for paid retreats and let those people apply who really need it. By attending paid retreats you can also support us to provide more free camps for people without financial means, since Mighty Himalayas is a sister organisation providing funding to and helping to deliver the mission of Aham Shoonyam Foundation.

(*We will give preference to people who are eager to help others by spreading awareness and would really appreciate if you can share your experiences in detail in this link also, so that those struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts get inspired to practice our free meditations, which can prove to be life saving for them.)

  • Completion of 'Online Meditation Program' is mandatory and prerequisite to apply for the meditation camp in Uttarakhand. If you have not completed it yet, you can enroll here: Online Meditation Program

  • Due to large number of applications we are receiving each day, only selected candidates will receive a reply from us within 10 days. It won't be possible to reply all those who are not selected.

  • If you do not get a reply from us within 10 days, that means unfortunately you were not selected, however you can practice guided meditations for next 48 days and apply again with new answers of our questionnaire. 

Thanks for submitting!

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