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Online Workshops

Can’t attend the in person retreats? Deepen your knowledge from home by following our online workshops. 



Kundalini & Kriya Yoga: Unblock Your Chakras


Are you living like an isolated island or are you living in a sense of all-inclusiveness? Are you feeling suffocated in your own mind’s chaos or are you so overflowing with bliss that you are sharing it with others? The seven chakras represent a spectrum of quality of living and an indicator on how wide your perspective towards life is. This spectrum ranges from someone focusing just on survival and sensual pleasures, through to someone who is living a deeply meaningful life where you are free from the chaos of mind and can share your inner peace and bliss with others.


This workshop explains the seven chakras in depth and the importance of balancing the kundalini energy. The chakras are symbolic energy centres which represent the extent to which you are open to and in sync with the flow of life. The course gives a detailed description of what the chakras are, what each chakra represents and how to unblock and balance them.


The day-long workshop combines in depth discussion of the chakras with Kriya techniques, guided meditations and discourse on the combination of Kriya yoga with Gyana (Jnana) yoga, Bhakti yoga and Karma yoga.


Abundance The power of mind to manifest a blissful life.png

Abundance: The Power of the Mind to Manifest a Blissful Life


Are you struggling to understand why sometimes you keep on attracting situations which make you feel dissatisfied, sad, frustrated or angry? Are you wondering whether you are on the right track in your spiritual journey or how to cultivate the right mental attitude to support your spiritual growth?


Positive minds attract positive experiences. Negative or restless minds attract negative or chaotic experiences. This workshop explains how your mind influences the experiences you have in life, and how to use the mind to attract positivity in your life and as the basis for spiritual upliftment. 


The workshop provides a complete guided experience, combining detailed discourses with guided meditations, stretching, pranayama and kriya yoga practices to help you create a positive and happy mind.

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Attention Training & Realignment Program Online Workshop

A powerful 7 step method to train your mind’s attention to stay calm and focused on the positive aspects of life. You will learn how to stay blissful all the time even if the situation around you is chaotic.


The 7 steps of Attention Training & Realignment Program are:

1. PCA : Presence centred anchoring

2. EPIC : Enquiry based Program for Intellectual Clarity

3. SMTDS : Subconscious mind training during sleep

4. SMTWA: Subconscious mind training while awake

5. BCAT : Being Centred Attention Training

6. MPS : Mental Pattern Shifting

7. AAIS : Attention Absorption in Inner Silence

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