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Free Guided Meditations

Beginner level meditations package: Maha Rudra Kriya & Effortlessness & Deep Sleep

We recommend you start with these three meditations if you want to start with meditation techniques at home. It is recommended to listen to Maha Rudra Kriya in the morning or early evening (on an empty stomach or 4 hours after your last meal), and to listen to Effortless in the evening before going to bed. Deep Sleep & Cleansing of the Mind can be listened to on a loop at low volume while going to sleep. You can keep it playing on a loop to benefit from the positive affirmations for the subconscious mind while you are sleeping.

Maha Rudra Kriya

Maha Rudra Kriya is a combination of very strong ancient techniques of yogic tradition. It combines the techniques of Pranayama (breathing exercises), Nada Yoga (sound yoga), and breath witnessing. 


Maha Rudra Kriya (the mild online version shared here) is more effective than basic Rudra Kriya because it includes a self enquiry technique which guides you to introspect within.


However, the complete version of Maha Rudra Kriya, which also includes intense Kriya Yoga techniques, is not available online. These intense techniques are only shared in the right environment where proper guidance and support can be given. The full version is shared at our Himalayan camps and longer retreats.


Instructions for practice:


It is recommended that you maintain a gap of 4 hours between food intake and practice.

Maintain a gap of 1 hour between water intake and practice.

Maintain a gap of 2 hours before practice if you take tea/coffee/juice.

Effortlessness guided meditation

As the name suggests, this guided meditation helps you understand that no effort is needed to fall into a deep relaxed state of meditativeness. Just listen to it and the voice in this guided meditation will gradually calm the restlessness of your mind.

Deep sleep & cleansing of mind

A guided meditation for resting the mind and resetting the mind for inner peace and a happy life. Even if you struggle to practice meditation on your own and your mind is not getting proper rest, this guided meditation will help your mind to relax.

Additional Meditations & Audio Guides

All Guided Meditations & Audio Guides Package

The full collection of all guided meditations and audio packages, including the Self Realisation Guide, Maha Rudra Kriya, Effortlessness, Completeness, Go Deeper, Rudra’s Roar, Stress Free Life, Kalpshakti: Introduction to the Power of Manifestation, and Deep Sleep & Cleansing of Mind.

Self Realisation Guide

Our foundational audio guide, in which the essence of spirituality and meditation is explained in simple and easy to understand language. 


This audio guide is based around the question of who or what we really are, and what our true nature is. The in depth 2.5 hour audio explores each of the layers of mind and the nature of the true self, describes the four major paths of yoga or spirituality, and uses analogies with dreaming and sleep stages to explain concepts such as maya and awareness. The audio ends with a guided self enquiry. Self enquiry is a powerful technique to realise the true self, which has been used by many spiritual masters.


We recommend listening to this audio guide before completing any of the more advanced guided meditations, audios or online workshops. This introductory audio will help to understand the nature of mind from a spiritual perspective. Once this is understood, the full benefits of other audios and courses can be felt.

Completeness guided meditation

This guided meditation takes your mind on a journey to a sense of fulfilment and completeness. It helps in removing the attitude of mind that it lacks something because of which it tends to roam around in search of satisfaction. This meditation lets you see that the sense of satisfaction and completeness is always accessible within you.

Go Deeper guided meditation

As the name suggests, this guided meditation helps the attention to dive deeper into the layers of mind through self enquiry. It is a deep enquiry to find Who am I here? Which aspect of you remains always aware when the mind is in a wakeful state, dream state and even in deep sleep when mind is completely resting. Who witnesses all three states of mind? This guided meditation will help you in this self enquiry.

Rudra’s Roar guided meditation and self affirmation audio guide

Rudra is a Sanskrit word which means cosmic consciousness. This guided meditation is in the form of self affirmations which helps you do self enquiry to find the real ‘I’. All life forms are considered expressions of ‘ONE’ shared consciousness and this dynamic and expressive aspect of consciousness is poetically expressed here as “Rudra’s roar” because of which we see so many different and unique expressions of life forms. The best way to use this guided meditation is by listening to it when your subconscious mind is more receptive, for example immediately after waking up or immediately after a meditation session when the mind is calm. At these times your subconscious mind will absorb the positive vibes of powerful self affirmations which not only cleanse the mind but it will also make you brave and fearless.

Kalpshakti: Introduction to the Power of Manifestation

Positive minds attract positive experiences. Negative or restless minds attract negative or chaotic experiences. This audio guide will explain how to change the mental patterns to attract positivity in your life. And if you want to use this approach for spiritual upliftment, then it explains how you can use this  meditation to attract the possibility of self realisation.

Stress Free Life audio guide

This is an audio excerpt from one of the meditation camps where one of our senior yogis is explaining why most people are in stress and how to come out of it. It gives you a perspective that at any given point in time if we maintain awareness as described in this audio, we can very easily avoid mental stress or any kind of negative thought patterns.

Suggested meditation programme

Step 1.

Beginner Level Meditations

Step 2.

Intermediate Level Meditation

Step 3.

Intermediate Level Meditation

Step 4.

Advanced Level Guided Meditations

For the first 7 days, listen to "Maha Rudra Kriya" (on an empty stomach in the morning or 4 hours after meals) and listen to "Effortlessness Guided Meditation” in the evening before going to bed. You may also listen to “Deep Sleep & Cleansing of Mind” while going to sleep.

From the 8th day, continue to listen to “Maha Rudra Kriya” and also listen to "Go Deeper Guided Meditation" in the evening before going to bed. You may also listen to “Deep Sleep & Cleansing of Mind” while going to sleep.

After 14 days, continue to listen to “Maha Rudra Kriya” and also listen to "Completeness Guided Meditation" before going to bed. You may also listen to “Deep Sleep & Cleansing of Mind” while going to sleep.

After completing the above mentioned 21 days schedule, you can apply for the Himalayan camp or attend a retreat. Those who are unable to attend the meditation camp can listen to the advanced level audio guides: Self Realisation Guide, Rudra’s Roar, Kalpshakti: Introduction to the power of manifestation, Stress Free Life.


We suggest listening to the Self Realisation Guide first, as this is a complete and comprehensive guide giving a full introduction to spiritual concepts. You can also listen to the other advanced audio guides, which are provided for specific purposes and areas of interest.

Recommended tips for meditation

If possible, please practise these meditations in the same spot every day. Keep the spot clean and calm. If you wish and if possible, you can light an earthen lamp or candle and incense sticks near you while meditating, like people do in temples or sacred spaces. This will help you to connect more with the divine true self within.

Videos & Articles


Visit our YouTube channel to watch and listen to all available content

Visit our Quora channels to read more questions and answers on spirituality, meditation and truth.

Personal Spiritual Guidance

Get personal guidance from yogis of the Aham Shoonyam foundation.


You can use this valuable time for spiritual questions and questions about your experiences with the available guided meditations. To ensure that the personal guidance is as useful as possible, those applying for a private call should follow the suggested meditation programme for at least one week before applying.

How to apply for a private guidance session with yogis of the community?


Spiritual seekers can register for this opportunity by contributing a nominal offering for the activities of the Aham Shoonyam Foundation to raise receptivity to the pure consciousness* and by sending an email to with the subject as “Telephonic session with Yogis”. In the email please mention why you would like to connect with yogis/yoginis of the community.


A donation amount of ₹2100 INR or ($26 USD) is suggested. All donations will go to furthering the mission of Aham Shoonyam Foundation to raise receptivity to pure consciousness. If you do not have the financial means to contribute but are in need of urgent spiritual guidance then please contact us by email to explain your situation.

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