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Free Camps for Sincere Spiritual Seekers

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Free meditation camps in the Himalayan region are available primarily for genuine spiritual seekers who cannot afford the cost of accommodation and food. Camps are offered based on a strict selection procedure, and with very basic facilities such as a common hall for accommodation with dormitory setup, floor bedding and shared washrooms. The free camps are for sincere spiritual seekers who are considered ready for the practices that will be shared during the camp. Free camps involve strict silence and intense practices. Steps to apply for Free Himalayan Meditation camp: A. Complete our free online meditation programme B. Share your experiences in detail with us by sending answers to our questionnaire C. If selected, you will receive an invitation from us D. Or you can also apply for a zoom call session After completing all the online meditation programme and sharing your responses to the questionnaire, based on your progress and experiences, the yogi community may invite you to the Himalayan Silent Meditation Camp Uttarakhand in future. For those unable to attend the camp in person, the entire content of the free Himalayan Meditation Camp Level 1 is now available as an online meditation programme: Peace & Clarity.

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